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Monday, 13 April 2020

JAMAICA - Kingston & St.Andrew

Entering Downtown Kingston, Jamaica || Mwahaki King Photography

"I met a girl this morning, she was love at first sight. Oh, I met a girl this morning and she was beauty to my eyes. And I said, 'Girl, tell me what's your name?', and she told me that her name is Jamaica. She has a rich history, a beautiful woman with the sweetest gifts: beautiful sunrise and an evening kiss of a nice sunset on the evening seas. But she told me that she's tired, tired of the exploit and liars. She gave them reggae, beaches, gave them flowers and ferns; all she got was abuse in return. But I said don't you worry yourself mama, nuh worry yourself mummy, ah one thing mi a beg you do for me: and I said smile, girl, smile. Smile for me, Jamaica. Never you cry. Ah YOU give them Bob with a different stepping. Ah YOU give them Bolt, nobody cyaa run lef' him. Wow, but see yah! Them must think seh you out of ideas. You give them art and sweet literature. You ah go make the world see the better picture. Oh, I say, nuh worry yourself mama. I said nuh worry yourself mami, ah one thing me a beg yuh do fi me: And I said smile, girl, smile. Smile for me, Jamaica." - Chronixx, Smile Jamaica.

Ward Theatre, Downtown Kingston || Mwahaki King Photography

Pictured above is the historic Ward Theatre in Downtown Kingston. While restoration efforts are ongoing, Ward Theatre is still a beautiful piece of architecture. Built in 1912, it served as a hub of excellence in the performing arts throughout the 20th century. International ballet companies from Cuba to Australia have graced its stage and it was also home to immense domestic talent, seen in the National Boxing Day Pantomime and National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica. Interestingly enough, Ward Theatre was built by Charles James Ward, the nephew in Jamaica's famous "J. Wray and Nephew Limited"; distillers of the Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum found in homes across the country today.

Devon House Mansion, Kingston || Mwahaki King Photography
Devon House is an iconic Jamaican landmark that was built in 1881 by the nation's first black millionaire, George Stiebel.

Mural at Bob Marley's home - 56 Hope Road that has since become the Bob Marley Museum || Mwahaki King Photography

Raindrops on tile in St. Andrew || Mwahaki King Photography

JUTC buses in Downtown Kingston || Mwahaki King Photography

Poui Tree in Bloom - St. Andrew || Mwahaki King Photography

Poui Leaves in St. Andrew || Mwahaki King Photography

Ackee in St. Andrew || Mwahaki King Photography
Ackee is a fruit that was imported into Jamaica from West Africa around 1778. It is now a popular food and it forms the base of Jamaica's delicious national dish, Ackee and Saltfish.

Sunshine in St. Andrew || Mwahaki King Photography